Board of Directors


Shannon Kennedy


A mover-and-shaker by birthright, Shannon got her start in Dodgeball after moving to the Island in 2019. Shan – as most of the community knows her –  has experience in planning and executing national-level sporting events, social media management, and media relations. Prior to playing Dodgeball, Shannon was a highly trained dancer and coach for almost two decades in the styles of Russian ballet, tap, jazz, modern, and hip hop. Even on the court, you can often find Shannon doing some sort of crazy flexibility exercise, jumping, or uttering the phrase “I just need to stretch”. Shannon also plays dodgeball in the Charlottetown Sport and Social Club, and has represented PEI at the Quebec Cup. Shannon loves being a part of the Dodgeball PEI Board of Directors because to her, it’s about more than promoting the sport – it’s about promoting a community where everyone is welcome and belongs.


Tristan Evans

Vice President

Born in Mississauga, Ontario, Tristan moved to PEI in 2014.  Before moving to the island, he played soccer at a provincial level in Ontario which gave him his first glance at competitive sport. He heard about Dodgeball PEI soon after moving, but it wasn’t until 2020 that he officially joined (a COVID baby).  Since joining the community Tristan has been a part of the teams that went to Quebec Cup in 2021.  It’s never hard to find him as he also plays dodgeball Wednesday and Thursday nights with the Charlottetown Sport and Social Club.  If he’s not playing dodgeball, you can find him on the hills snowboarding, at the beach, or on a hiking trail with his cute pupper named Pepper.  Dodgeball has had such a positive impact on his life and is grateful to the community for being such a caring space!


Javon Mayhew


Javon started playing dodgeball in the summer of 2017 when he joined his first Tuesday league. The sweaty interior of the ICS gym in July did not deter him, and he quickly fell in love with the sport. He has since become a mainstay of both Tuesday league and the community. In 2023, he decided that free time was overrated and joined the board as a supporting director, hoping to add a fresh perspective and to give back to this wonderful community. That is, until his first board meeting, when he asked a question about numbers. Now he is charge of the finances.


Chad Paquet

Technology Coordinator

Chad started playing dodgeball in 2017 after many, many years of being asked by friends who were already playing. Prior to that, he had always thought it just wouldn’t be for him, and that he didn’t have the time. After deciding to play, the dodgeball bug bit him hard, and he now cannot imagine his life without it. He joined the Board of Directors in 2020 with the goal to help grow the community that he has come to love so much.


Matthew Lawrence

HPP Coordinator

Matt has been active in the PEI Dodgeball community since 2003. His tenure in the community has seen him wear multiple hats which includes player, referee, league organizer, event director and President. Dodgeball has mostly always been part of Matt’s life and at this point – he doesn’t intend to change that. He loves the sport and hopes to further it in anyway possible.

Brenna Farren

Fundraising Director

In 2020 Brenna answered the call for a volunteer to conduct COVID screenings before Tuesday League. She quickly got sucked in and joined Women’s League in it’s inaugural year in 2021. Brenna plans to use her event planning skills to grow the Dodgeball PEI communities fundraising capabilities and generate great community outreach.

Grace Marshall

Supporting Director

In 2020 after finishing her degree and finding herself with a surplus of free time, Grace started playing on a women’s softball team with her friend and other members of the dodgeball community and realized “I’m about to join dodgeball aren’t I.” She then did so in the fall, and has no desire to stop. Having played a number of sports which are in no way applicable to dodgeball, Grace was excited to take up the sport and figure it out as she went. As a nominee for Rookie of the Year and the proud recipient of the 2020-2021 Toombsy Award, she later decided to turn her desire to help and her impeccable attendance record to becoming the Supporting Director. She hopes to be able to give back to the community she values so highly.