Sunday Night Dodgeball

Sundays from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
$25 for the Whole Season
UPEI Chi Wan Young Sports Centre

Ages 14+
Free with UPEI membership or Gym pass.
Confirmed dates: Coming soon

“Sunday Night Dodgeball” has been a staple event for the P.E.I. Dodgeball Community since the club started in 2002. With one hour dedicated to Cougarball and the other dedicated to Team Dodgeball, this two hour session has introduced many players to the joy that is dodgeball.

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Cougarball Rules

A free-for-all form of dodgeball where it’s everyone for themselves. You can run around as much as you like but once you have a ball – you can only take 3 steps! Once you are ‘out’, you must sit off to the side until the person who got you goes ‘out’. These rules are in play until ‘sudden death’ is called where once you’re out, you’re out for good. The last 3 players left standing will be entitled to ‘unlimited steps’ which lifts the “3 steps” rule when holding a ball. This eventually culminates in one player left standing as the winner.

In most cases, this winner of Cougarball will faceoff in a 1v1 title match against the current Dodgeball PEI Champ.

Quick Breakdown of Rules

  • You can run around as much as you like without a ball
  • With a ball, you can only take 3 steps
  • Once you’re out, you go off to the side only to return when the person who got you out – goes out.
  • Headshots don’t count
  • Sudden Death: Everyone comes back on but once you’re out, you’re out for good
  • Sudden Death: Unlimited steps with ball for the last 3 players

Team Dodgeball

In most cases, the second half of Sunday Night Dodgeball will be dedicated towards playing a recreational form of team dodgeball with certain rule stipulations in place. Stipulations are typically decided before game start and usually range from normal to downright fun. Here are some example stipulations:

  • Headshot counts
  • 2 or 3 on a catch
  • Kamikazie Rule (Jumping the line and hitting someone on the opposing side)
  • Dramatic Death (once hit, you must dramatically fall to the floor as if you’re slowly dying)
  • T-Rex Arms (You can only throw with your elbows tucked in)

The rules may vary depending on the night, but the general runes are over viewed in the following video

When upcoming off-island tournaments are around the corner, Sunday Night Dodgeball incorporates the International Rules cited here.