Board of Directors

Leanne Wilson


Leanne Wilson has been on PEI since 2013 – but it was in 2014 that Leanne found dodgeball. In fact, Leanne always felt there was something missing from her life, until that fateful day she didn’t realize there was a dodgeball-shaped hole in her heart. Before she started playing Dodgeball, Leanne found joy in other sports such as field hockey, softball, and ultimate frisbee (now there is only dodgeball, the one true sport).

Since one of the best things ever to happen to Leanne is dodgeball finding her, she is extremely excited to be a part of the Dodgeball PEI board. The dodgeball community has gifted her with many friends and memories that will last a lifetime. Shout out goes to Matt Lawrence for inviting her to be a part of something great.

P.S. Dodgeball is totally not a cult, Leanne strongly believes that everyone should say “yes” to dodgeball at least once …and then maybe accept dodgeball into their lives.

Dalton Mackenzie

Vice President

Dalton always loved playing dodgeball in grade school, but only joined the dodgeball PEI community in the fall of 2014. Since then, he has spent more money and vacation time on dodgeball than he ever could have possibly imagined! A 3 year veteran of Riptide, Dalton has played in countless tournaments across eastern Canada. His favourite thing about dodgeball is the friendships he’s made with different players from all across the world. He loves the PEI Dodgeball community and has been a memeber of the Dodgeball PEI board since 2016. In this capacity, he’s helped to run dozens of tournaments, fundraisers, and coordinate several seasons of the dodgeball PEI league. Feel free to reach out to him if you ever have any concerns regarding Dodgeball on PEI!.



Greg Bradley

Technology Director/Photographer

A veteran of Dodgeball PEI, Greg has been dodging balls since 2005. Greg has joined several Dodgeball PEI teams which have traveled to Ontario and Nova Scotia, and has been playing in the Charlottetown Sport and Social Dodgeball league since its inception. Greg has been known to use his tall stature to easily traverse the length of the gym in cougar ball, a clear mockery of the 3 “step” maximum rule. As the official photographer of Dodgeball PEI, many of the photos for our various tournaments have been taken by Greg. His signature underhand “bowl” throw is legendary.


Jen Rempel


Jen’s love for dodgeball began early in elementary school, but she didn’t play in her adult life until 2010. Now her Wednesday and Sunday nights are occupied with playing dodgeball through the Sport and Social Club and the PEI Dodgeball Club, respectively. In these leagues, she is known to catch, “turtle”, and take her fair share of headshots. She also attends many dodgeball tournaments each year, sits on this dodgeball board, and talks about dodgeball in her spare time. It’s safe to say Jen loves dodgeball. She only decided to be treasurer for the board so she can finally use her dollar sign bags and steal all the money


Leanne Harding

Events Director

Leanne Harding always had a love for sports her entire life. She remembers playing and loving dodgeball in grade school but was only reintroduced to it two years ago when she came back to the island from out west. She instantly fell in love with the sport and the community it brings together. She has had many amazing experiences in her short time with Dodgeball PEI. Attending the Quebec Cup, Beach tournament and 2019 National tournament have been just a few highlights. She truly believes everyone should try out this amazing sport and knows that this community has made her a better person.